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Welcome to Write-On Publishing's Website Design & Hosting Services!

At Write-On Publishing we design websites that are eye-catching, interactive, colourful and vibrant. Your website is your window to the world, and works 24/7! it needs to be "tireless", inviting and effective. 

At Write On-Publishing we believe we can deliver!

Please see some of our portfolio of websites to the right of this page - click on any of them to see the sites themselves.

Your Web Design Checklist!

This is what you can expect with our websites!

a Domain Name
We will do the domain registration in your name so it is your property, which means you can keep the domain even after you may decide to move to a new service provider.

aModern Web Design with unlimited Pages
We will initially offer you packages of up to 10 pages, but from there you can add unlimited pages.

aCMS - Content Management System
You have full access to the site to update & maintain it yourself if you wish.

aSearch Engine Friendly
We will design your website in such a way that it is search engine friendly.

a1 Hour's Maintenance per month
We will update and maintain your website for up to1hour on a monthly basis, so if you want to update your site you can just send us the details and we will update it for you. Updates are done within 48hrs.

a15 Email Accounts
You get up to 15 email accounts eg. info@domainname, sales@domainname.

aUp to 5Gig Hosting
Up to 5000mb of data, depending on the package you choose.

aTop Hosting Partner
We have partnered with some of the leading South Africa hosting service providers, with guaranteed 99.9% uptime on local servers.

aBulk Emailing Facility
We offer a Bulk emailing facility from your website, which means you send emails to your entire database at no extra cost.

aFacebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Social Media Buttons
We will link to all your Social Media accounts with icons on your website. (By the way, need a Facebook Business Page? Chat to us about that, too!)

aMobile Responsive Friendly
Websites will be automatically reformatted for easy viewing on any mobile device, cellphone, tablet, iPad, etc.

Your site can have:

aA Contact Form
A form that your users can fill in to request more information. In addition, we will implement a Subscription Form, so that visitors can sign up for your newsletter. This is a great method of building a database of clients for future reference.

aAn Image Slideshow
A slideshow of images, which will highlight the main visual features of your business..

aA Gallery
You can have a gallery of images in albums, with as many images as you like.

aYoutube and other Videos
Maybe you have a relevant video that you would like to show on your site. Nor problem!

aGoogle Maps
Google Maps is great for your "Contact Us" page - show your users where you or your offices are located.

We also offer:

aGoogle Analytics
With Google Analytics you can see each and every stat about your website. Where the visitors are coming from, how long they stay on your site, how many visitors you receive a month and much, much more.

aTraining & Support
We will give you full training on how to update and maintain the website yourself and we are always available to assist.

aMonthly Reporting
Within Google Analytics we will setup reporting where you will get a full report on your website every month.

aDaily Backups
Your site and database is backed-up daily, so if anything should ever happen, rest assured we have a full backup of your site.

aSite Security
With so many hackers out there, security is important to us, so we will always maintain and implement the latest security measures to keep your site safe.

aUp-to-Date Website
How many times have you visited a website that is out of date, some pages are not working? Too many times, so rest assured, with Web Partner's web design services, that will never be the case with your website.

What will it cost?

It can be hard to get a firm price range for a web design project without going through the process of contacting lots of web design providers and asking for quotes. Most people will give you a short answer – “It depends,” and that’s true. Prices for websites vary quite a bit depending on the amount of content and features you need.

However, as a guideline, we offer the following packages:

1. Basic Small Business - Up to 5 pages: R3500
2. Intermediate - Up to 10 pages: R5000
3. Large - Anything over 10 pages - subject to quotation

All our packages include free website domain registration, and include from 15 - unlimted email accounts, depending on the package.

Are there any other costs?

Yes - all websites need to be hosted, or "housed" on a server. This means you have to pay "rent" for the space your site occupies on the server.
Hosting costs range from R79 per month to R159 per month, depending on the size of the website and amount of data you require. Annual domain renewal costs of (currently) R100 are applicable.
Contact us for an accurate quote based on your requirements.

Online Shopping

Do we offer an on line shopping facility? Well, at Write-On Publishing we do not believe in re-inventing the wheel! We have therefore partnered with one of the leading "cloud" service providers of an online shopping solution to give you a very effective Online Store in minutes! Depending on the size of your store, and the number of products you have to sell, there may be a monthly subscription fee for this service.

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