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There is nothing for an author like holding the fruits of your writing labour in your hands! No longer is it necessary to print hundreds or thousands of books to arrive at an affordable per copy price for your books! Through our partnership with one of the leading digital book printers in the country, we can and have supplied authors with numbers of books ranging from 25 to 2,000!

In addition to wanting a printed book for yourself, you may wish to (a) gift them to family and friends, (b) sell them in your own community, (c) send copies out to reviewers. We will supply author’s copies at a very affordable price, subject to a very short lead time. Reprints are also available on request, as many times as you wish.

Affordable Colour Printing

Anyone who knows anything about printing is aware that colour printing is extremely expensive - a book printed in full colour throughout is easily 100 – 150% more expensive than a similar-sized book in black and white.
The age of digital inkjet printing has changed that! Print on Demand, always on the forefront of digital printing technology, recently installed a full colour inkjet book printer and can now offer full colour printing at a premium of not more than about 20 – 25% over black and white.
While not offering coffee table book quality, this method allows you to print your book with full colour pictures throughout at an extremely affordable price.
Two of Write-On Publishing’s most recent releases, “Throw off the Bowlines” by Doug Sutherland and “Cock Tales on the Kowie” by Sue Gordon, were printed using this method and both authors are ecstatic about it the outcome.
Our own book, “Do You Speak Catholic?”, was also printed using this method, and it has turned out beautifully.
There is one proviso, though: the minimum print run is 100 copies.

International Print Procurement

If your book is available on Amazon, we can also arrange for Author's copies of the book to be ordered and delvered in the USA, UK, Europe, etc. Just say for example you have written a book about Ireland, and you have a contact there who will sell them for you. We can arrange for author's copies to delivered to them directly from Amazon, provided your print book has been uploaded to the Amazon site for sale.

Picture shows Write-On Publishing's Frank Nunan with copies of his own book "Do you Speak Catholic?"books

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What Does it Cost?


It is difficult to give you an exact price to publish a manuscript without first seeing it or knowing the book's final specs.
Please Contact Us and we will take you through the next steps in order to get an accurate quote.

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