Dusty Road to Long Ago

Here is the fifth book in the Eastern Cape historical travelogue series by Bartle Logie

In Dusty Road to Long Ago, Bartle Logic retraces a journey undertaken with his parents in 1948 in their brand new, dark blue, four-door Chevrolet Fleetmaster. As they travel through the Cape Midlands, eastern Karoo and into the lower Albany district, revisiting many of his father's old haunts, Bartle invites us to consider not only the impact these early settlers such as his own family had on the land, but also the unique culture they developed as they interacted with
their new environment.

The book is filled with fascinating stories and characters of long ago and ranges over a wide spectrum of interests, all written in Bartle's inimitable style.


This book is available in limited quantities from our own bookstore.





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