EBook Creation & Conversion

Write-On Publishing creates high quality interactive eBooks from a variety of sources:

adobe1.  The print books we create for our authors

Write-On Publishing uses the Industry-leading Page Design & Layout Tool, Adobe Indesign, for Desktop & Digital Publishing. This means we produce your eBook (in a variety of formats) from the same basic source that we used to create your print book.

2. From scratch - using just your basic Word document

Write-On Publishing has recently invested in another industry-leading digital publishing tool, Kotobee Author, which enables to create high qualtiy interactive eBooks from scratch, from your basic Word document. This means you can go straight to eBook with out going to print first!

kotobee author

3. From Print-ready PDFs

If your book has previously been printed from PDFs, we can convert it to an Ebook and then add great interactive elements, using Kotobee Author. The graphic below illustrates just some of those elements.


Output formats

 We can produce your eBook in a variey of formats:

1. ePub. this is the industry standard for generic format for eBooks and can be read on most eBook readers. 

2. Kindle. This is the standard format for uploading to Amazon

3. Interactive PDF

App Creation

Using Kotobee Author, Write-On Publishing can now also turn your eBook in to a native Android or other app format for upload to one of the App stores.

screenphon1 screenphon2 screenphon3 screenphon4 screenphon5


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