This book is the REPRODUCTION & REPRINT of an iconic and highly popular (in its day) recipe book, produced in the early 1960s by the Women's Institute of Francistown in the then Bechuanaland Protectorate as a fundraiser for their charitable projects

It was reproduced by Write-On Publishing at the suggestion of members of the Historical Francistown Facebook page - a closed Facebook group whose members have lived, worked or went to school in Francistown. And that includes Write-On's Frank Nunan!

The book's 144 pages are crammed full of an eclectic mix of good old "home cooking" recipes like "Chicken Casserole" to sophisticated Haute Cuisine dishes such as "Tourte de Pintade a la Hongrosie", and going on to such home-grown specialities such as "Madila" (sour milk).

it has an "On Safari" section, with game (venison) recipes for the three-legged pot, and a section on Cooking for Invalids and Convalescents,

It also has a handy "hints" chapter with all sorts of household tips.

For example:

White suits: To disguise a last-minute dirty mark on a white drill suit eg. Queen's Birthday Parade! use white shoe cleaner.

It even has a Chapter called "Be Your Own Drycleaner!"

A must for Bechuanaland nostalgia buffs as well as current residents, and anyone who has love for cooking the ld-fashioned way!

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