Bartle Logie visits "Boet & Swaer" country - the Lower Albany region of the Eastern Cape, for this his ninth book.

 This latest offering from adventurer, historian and raconteur Bartle Logie, departs somewhat from the pattern established in his previous books. Here Bart offers a very entertaining mixed bag of short, sharp stories - 72 of them!

We get a glimpse of his life and adventures as a young man in England and the Cape, as well as anecdotes from his childhood visits to the Lower Albany area in the Eastern Cape, where his father was born and spent his early years.

Interspersed are acute, insightful and entertaining observations of the people, the rich history and the diverse flora and fauna of this fascinating region of the Eastern Cape.
What has not changed is the meticulous research, both on the ground and from reference material, and an easy, personal story-telling style.

All in all, vintage Bartle Logie!

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