Write-On Publishing Gives New Life to Old Books

We have developed and perfected a process of giving old, out-of-print books a new lease on life.

These books fall into two main categories:

  1. Special books for which the copyright has expired and which are therefore  in the Public Domain;
  2. Those whose copyright owners commission new iterations of the original.

The new version can either be:

  1. A REPLICA  of the original, in which case the old book is reproduced as is, without alteration, and only minor note or explanations added
  2. A NEW Edition, in which case the original is re-edited and new material added
  3. OR A combination of both the above.

The process involves scanning the text of the original book - this can be done without destroying or harming the original - and converting it to a word processing document.  Publishing software is then used to rebuild the book from scratch. The same process is applied to illustrations or pictures - they are scanned and digitally enhanced or improved as necessary.





How Much?

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It is difficult to give you an exact price to publish a manuscript without first seeing it or knowing the book's final specs.
Please Contact Us and we will take you through the next steps in order to get an accurate quote.

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