wagglefrtcoversmlWrite-On Publishing Facilitates Private Publishing

We help preserve memories, private stories and family histories through the publication of special memory books, books for special occasions,  and family stories for private distribution.

Small print-run publishing for private distribution is now within reach of just about anyone who wants to tell a story to a select, private audience. This is made possible by Write-On Publishing's highly competitive fee structure and the relatively low cost of modern short-run digital printing technology.

Recent successful projects include publishing of a collection "Mom's Home Cooking" recipes, in memory of a beloved mother. This is an A4 coffee-table style book which includes some colour pages, and which had a print run of just 25.

In another example, a mother and grandmother wanted to pass on the story of her life to her children and grandchildren -  a poignant tale with black and white pictures, and a print run of just 10.



How Much?

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It is difficult to give you an exact price to publish a manuscript without first seeing it or knowing the book's final specs.
Please Contact Us and we will take you through the next steps in order to get an accurate quote.

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