A Collection of Short Stories by Babalwa Nqoro

Eastern Cape teacher Babalwa Nqoro has put together this dramatic collection of short stories highlighting the more unpleasant and tragic aspects of life in the rural areas of the Province.

The stories capture the effects of corruption, crime, unemployment and pure human misery, on the one hand, and the heroic efforts of the people to live normal lives in the face of the onslaught, on the other.

They offer an insight into the grim reality of unemployment and poverty and the never-ending struggle to resist the temptation to turn to crime, and the tragic consequences for those who fail to do so.

The stories also offer glimpses of the heroism, humanity and compassion of ordinary people in their efforts to survive in this environment.

A harrowing but excellent read.

This book is available from the author only. Contact us for more information on how to purchase this book.




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