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Life begins at 40!
In this book, S’milo Mngadi, who has been a Catholic priest for 15 years, shares the perspectives he has gained from his first 40 years on earth.
They range from family to society; politics to people; theology to religion, sexuality to identity and much more.
This is not an autobiography nor a memoir, but a collection of viewpoints arising from his life-experience.
He admits that his views are not absolute and humbly confesses that he might be missing the point altogether.
However, he is convinced that it is a proverbial song which may be, and is in most cases, out of tune with many currently popular tunes, but which he must not die without singing.

About the author

S'milo Mngadi
S’milo Mngadi was born in KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa). After finishing school, he commenced training for the Catholic priesthood and was ordained in 2002 at the…
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