A Cottage in St Francis Bay

This small book is about the “Village of St Francis Bay” and how it has evolved over the 40-odd years since “The Cottage” was built.
But – it is not a history book with names, facts and dates!
It is about the spirit of the Village and the folk who have come over the years, either as holiday makers, or more especially, those who have made it their home.
It describes old roads, bread wars, new bridges, dams, multiple floods, fires, ongoing beach wars, and the reaction of folk who lived through these changes.
One could say that it is a glimpse of St Francis Bay through the keyhole of the front door of the family Cottage, built in 1974/1975, and the anecdotes relating to “Village” life that were passed on around the dining room table.


About the author

Mike Silberbauer
Mike was born in Cape Town in 1945 and started his travels in a carry-cot. This was when the family travelled to his mother’s home…
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