China in Africa – the Zambia Story

This book tells a riveting story of Zambia’s mixed relationship with China whose presence dominates African skies presently. It is a fast-paced, easy-to-read book, hard to put down given the mastery writing skills of Ambassador Mukwita, a former Editor in Chief, published author and senior diplomat. University libraries, embassies, bookstores and government offices need this book.

Ambassador Anthony Mukwita breaks into tiny bits an issue of global interest that would have ordinarily been complex to digest by ordinary readers.
Readers keen to know how China won the hearts of Africans and African leaders through soft power to ostensibly topple the United States and its allies from the age-old top slot will love it.
Ambassador Mukwita dives into the history of Zambia and its people, how they laugh and cry to make global sense.


About the author

Anthony Mukwita
Ambassador Anthony Mukwita is one of the finest journalists and writers in Zambia and the sub-region. He stands on a pedestal of journalism excellence enriched…
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This is a no-holds-barred tale that does not flatter China or the Zambian hosts as the two jostle to co-exist in an ever-evolving geopolitical world.
Momentarily, irate Zambians angered by Chinese employers kill the investor, next Chinese investors shoot, in cold blood to death, Zambian workers. There is blood, tears and joy written on several pages.
It reveals the ‘sensitive’ diplomatic relationship Zambia ‘enjoys’ with China and the relationship Zambia ‘enjoys’ with the USA. It ‘s an economic, political, and international relations account. It is about the war between the United States and China on African soil. The Thucydides trap.