Guardian of the Crash

Guardian of the Crash is a remarkable and very personal journey between man and these magnificent beasts, both vulnerable to the circumstances of our time. It’s a story about the voiceless finding a platform to speak out and a growing confidence to be bold when the opportunity presents.
Dr William Fowlds – wildlife veterinarian & conservationist

A heart-warming story of the relationship that developed between a group of threatened rhinos and an apparent drop-out, who found his feet while caring for these vast creatures.
Bart Logie – retired headmaster, writer, and nature-lover

A story that excites so much inner human emotion and passion to want to contribute and aid in the efforts to protect the rhino species from extinction.
Mark Ralph, environmental ecologist, & Nicola Ralph, veterinary nurse

This story is a message of hope and redemption that inspired me to keep seeking purpose in life. I believe that Justin is one of God’s gifts placed into the world of the rhinos to be a guardian of creation and a voice for the voiceless.
Ilonka Esterhuyse – post-editor of the documentary, ‘Guardian of the Crash’

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