Land of Beyond

It is the mid-1960s in the Bechuanaland Protectorate, which is about to transition from British Colonial rule to self-government and independence.
Lennox van Onselen, WW II veteran, ex-policeman, author, part-time safari operator and adventurer, is about to embark on yet another expedition into the Kalahari in search of the fabled “Lost City of the Kalahari”, when his plans are up-ended, first by a recalcitrant truck, and then by having an eccentric American millionaire safari client, “CJ”, foisted onto him by a friend.
The story chronicles their adventures – and mis-adventures – on a safari which takes them the length and breadth of the territory.
Highlights include a cattle drive across the desert, a horse race meeting – Kalahari-style – and encounters with some of Bechuanaland’s legendary “characters” and its animal inhabitants.
The story of their travels in punctuated by the highly entertaining and detailed history lessons Lennox gives CJ about Bechuanaland.
A must for “Bechuana-philes”!

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Lennox Van Onselen
Lennox St Elmo van Onselen was born on 9th September, 1916 in Joubertina, Eastern Cape. He went to school in Port Elizabeth at Walmer Primary…
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