Are You a Writer...

… of stories, textbooks, children’s books or poetry?

If so, you can join Mike Mahony, Fr S’Milo Mngadi, Fr Patrick Noonan, Fr Jean-Marie Did’ho, Fr Billy Barnes and others as an author in the SA Catholic Online stable.

We can help you!

Publishing has changed a great deal over the past number of years and there is now a much greater emphasis on self-publishing, mainly because of the technology and the fact that the cost has been reduced dramatically.
In the traditional publishing model, a publishing house evaluates your book, accepts or rejects it for publication, and, if it is accepted, pays you an advance, (if you are lucky!), which allows them to take total control of the book, and then prints numbers of books for distribution to booksellers nationally or internationally – a process that can take years! The chances of books, especially from first-time authors, being accepted by traditional publishers, are remote at best.
The alternative is self-publishing – where you have total control of the process. That is where we come in – we are here to assist with the technicalities of getting your book into print on a self-publishing basis. We are not traditional publishers – even though we do publish books on behalf of authors under our imprints – we are instead a publishing facilitator, helping authors to self-publish and to get their books into print, whether it is under our imprint or the author’s own.
Even if books are published under our imprints, we never take ownership of these books – another big difference between us and traditional publishers – and the author is free to take it to another, more traditional, publisher at any time. As a consequence of that, we do not pay advances, nor do we get directly involved in marketing or the physical distribution of books. We simply do not have the resources for that, although we can assist. The onus is on the author to do those things.
We provide a menu of services to the independent or self-publishing author, and authors can choose from this menu. The diagram shows our menu of services.


Proofreading & Editing

It is a well-known fact that it is almost impossible to edit your own work, you are far too close to the idea and the story to see the writing “imperfections”: grammar, spelling and punctuation errors – and we all make them!  

Pre-Print Production

Once the manuscript has been proofread, edited and corrected, we go into production mode – typesetting, layout, design. This includes obtaining an ISBN number and Barcode, as well as cover design.

eBook Creation 

We produce eBooks from your print books or from scratch (Word documents) in a variety of formats – ePub, interactive PDF and Kindle. We can produce highly sophisticated, interactive and media-rich eBooks. 

Pictures & Graphics

We scan and enhance physical pictures and graphics, and re-size, enhance and place digital ones. Some of our recent books have contained 150+ pictures! We especially pride on converting and enhancing old black and white prints!

Print Procurement

Our partnership with leading Cape Town digital printers, Print On demand, means we can arrange for the printing of “author’s copies” of your books – short run printing (from 25 – 2000) books at affordable prices!