My Journey

“After more than 20 years of democracy, our Rainbow Nation must still face up to the harsh reality of corruption by politicians, a lack of ethics and poor governance by big business and incompetency and dishonesty
in our justice system.”
My huge dilemma over the past six years was whether or not it was prudent to publish “My Journey” with all the role players mentioned in the book still out there in the public domain.
But I feel that the time has come to tell our story of wrongful criminal charges and civil claims against us lasting more than ten years.
We South Africans have had enough!
Each of us must do something if our country is ever to move forward.
I believe each of us must make a stand, no matter how small and whatever the personal cost, to make South Africa a better and safer place to live in, to earn a living and bring up our families.
– Doug Boake


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Doug Boake
Doug (Douglas) Boake was a member of the South African Institute of Char­tered Accountants and served on the Disciplinary Committee. Doug­las is married to Lynne,…
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