Born to Serve

Deacon Walter Middleton spent 46 years of his life working for organisations dedicated to feeding millions of the world’s hungry. His own special passion in this calling was feeding starving children. In his memoirs, he documents his life of service to the needy, as the quote above from Tanya Pinto, CEO of Baal Dan, indicates. His multiple awards from relief organisations such as The World Food Programme (Recipient of the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize) testify to the diligence, love and passion he brought to his work. His ordination to the Diaconate in his retirement puts the cherry on the top of his life of service.

About the author

Deacon Walter Middleton
Walter Middleton worked with World Vision from January 1988 to July 2015, and when he retired; he had worked for World Vision for 27 years.…
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