A Terrible Beauty

Fr Luke O’Gorman is a missionary priest running from his past. He flees Nigeria and returns to Ireland in the hope of silencing his relentless ghosts. But instead of finding peace, his tormentors seem to have followed him, added to which, his unexpected return has stirred up buried anger at home.
All of this ultimately leads to a gruesome killing in one of Dublin’s most legendary landmarks.
Detective Chief Superintendent Fírinne Jeffries, one of Ireland’s most senior police officers, is called upon to investigate.

A chilling detective story that is both clever and sophisticated, A Terrible Beauty draws the reader into the mystery that is Ireland – in both its beauty and its terror. It is a tale woven with many certainties, but only one truth, one lethal reality; will Fírinne be able to unmask the real murderer and let go of her past before it robs her of her present?

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