College of the Little Flower

Brothers of Charity College “Old Boy” Bruno Verriest spent a relatively short time at the College in the late 1960’s, but the school so imprinted itself into his psyche that he felt compelled, half a century later, to undertake the huge task of writing its “memoirs”.

Set in the broad historical background involving Southern Africa, the European continent – Belgium in particular – and the world at large, the book sketches the early history of the Catholic Church in South Africa with particular emphasis on mission work accomplished by the Benedictines and the Brothers of Charity in the Northern Transvaal (present day Limpopo). For the first time, a fascinating comparative study emerges of missionaries whose task it was to evangelise, to teach and to bring the good word to different cultural and ethnic populations representative of South African society. It took courage, dedication and the full commitment of those men and women to accomplish that mission.


About the author

Bruno Verriest
Bruno Verriest (born 1950 – Kortrijk, Belgium) spent the greater part of his youth in Deerlijk in Belgium, where there is statue to Hugo Verriest,…
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The result is a meticulously researched work which documents the rise of the College of the Little Flower (Brothers of Charity College – Pietersburg – Polokwane) into one of the most respected and sought-after Catholic schools in South Africa, and its sudden and unfortunate demise in 1976.