Financial Literacy Fundamentals


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Benias T Matiure
Benias Tirivashoma Matiure, CFP, CIPM, PGDFP, BCOM HONS ECONOMICS, BBA Benias Matiure is a Pan African Economist and Financial Literacy enthusiast. Benias worked in the…
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This is a life companion for every high school student, which will prepare them for the inevitable world of personal finance and planning, together with its complexities.
The book was carefully crafted to not just stimulate young people’s interest in areas of investments, debt management, insurance, and entrepreneurship but also to act as a big brother; forewarning them of some of the possible fundamental financial pitfalls awaiting them.
The text does not simply present financial products, it also gives a concise glimpse of how such products come about, in a simple understandable manner, allowing the reader to later engage with such products with an elevated degree of confidence emanating from an enlightened position.
You will wonder why nobody told you these things when you were young, but here’s an opportunity for your teens to master the art!