We Can Help You Sell Your eBooks!

Since the beginning of the pandemic there has been a distinct spike in eBook sales internationally. Write-On Publishing offers its authors both local and international channels for the sale of eBooks, including Amazon (Kindle). Locally, we offer eBook sales through our own secure sales platform, the Indie eBookshop.

The Write-On eBookStore

The Indie eBookshop developed from the publishing activities of Write-On Publishing and SA Catholic Online Books, which have, to date, concentrated on the production of print books. With the overall switch to online and digital solutions, we decided to create a platform for the sale of the eBook versions of the books produced by Write-on Publishing and SA Catholic Online authors. Upon request, this facility has been extended to any Independent or Self-published author who wishes to make use of it. Click on the logo to see the new website.

Amazon Kindle

Write-On Publishing has since its inception offered the facility to upload its author’s books to Amazon Kindle. Click on the logo to see one of our books on Amazon Kindle.

Other Platforms

We can assist authors get their eBooks onto other international platforms, upon request.