All our services are provided on the basis of a quoted fee for each item on our “menu”, some of which are optional. The quoted fee is subject to a view of part (at least a chapter) of the book to evaluate the amount of work required, as well as the total word count, and an indication of how many pictures or graphics are to be included.
We work on the basis of a 50% deposit of the overall fee for the services selected, payable before we begin work on the book. The balance of the fee is payable on completion of the final print-ready material and before the book actually goes to print. 
Our fees have changed very little over the years and are still probably the most affordable around!


It can take from six weeks to three months for the full production cycle to be completed, depending on the complexity of the work – this also depends on how many projects are in the pipeline at any given time. Projects are completed in the order in which they are received.